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Customer Adoption and Electronic Banking in Rural Areas of Uganda

The objectives of the study were to identify the reasons for low adoption of electronic banking in rural areas and the strategies needed for improvement. A mixed research approach combining both qualitative and quantitative research techniques was used to answer the objectives. The study employed a cross sectional survey for collection of data. The data was sourced primarily using questionnaires and interview guides from three banks in Mafubira subcounty, Jinja district Uganda. The banks include Stanbic bank, Centenary bank and Equity bank. Descriptive analysis was used in data analysis, frequency tables and summary statistics were used to present the findings. The results of the study indicated that the main reasons for low adoption of electronic banking include poor electronic infrastructure, Security issues, difficulties in usage, Lack of interest and costly payments for the services. The study suggests the following as measures needed to improve adoption of electronic banking: Increasing awareness of internet banking to the clients, Improve infrastructure like internet connections and bandwidth, assuring clients on security, sensitization on usage and having cost friendly services Keywords - Electronic banking, Customer adoption