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The Effect of Industry 4.0 in Shaping the Strategy of Logistics in Central-Eastern Europe

The increasing integration of the Internet of Everything into the industrial value chain has built the foundation for the next industrial revolution called Industry 4.0. (I4.0). I4.0is currently a top priority for many companies, research centers, and universities and is a part of the fast changing business environment. Therefore, it must be clearly focused on the future trends since this fast changing environment forces companies to be flexible and to adapt quickly. New trends in logistics as well as in the field of legislation and demand for greener products and sustainable solutions will undoubtfully shape the future of I4.0 as well. This paper is focusing on the development of I4.0 in relation with megatrends in logistics as well as with the development of legislation related especially to environmental issues. The authors’ intention is to show how strategy and technology should go hand in hand to shape the future of the logistics industry. Keywords - Industry 4.0, logistics, supply chain, technology forecasting, trends, legislation