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The Last 30 Years of Planning Institutions in Turkey in the Projection of Global Economic Policies

There has been a constant pursuit on the part of the planning institution as well as of the central administration, as a result of the political and economic changes that have occurred in the world and in Turkey since the 1980’s. The spatial projections created by the changes experienced in the planning institution during the course of this pursuit continues by leaving its profound marks in some regions. This study discusses the role of the planning institutions that have been developed to enable and facilitate the newly chosen spaces as well as the influences of these structures in the process of economic-political change which occurred in Turkey. Within this framework, planning policies that have been pursued, the laws pertaining to planning that have been the determiners of these policies, and the confusion of power between this law and institutions have been investigated. Toward this end, the study discusses which institutions were granted power within the framework of regional and local, upper and lower scale planning stratification after 1980, as well as the content of this empowerment, the sectoral planning approach of central institutions and the "zoning” oriented approaches of local administrations and the types of roles they have assumed. Keywords - Investment, Planning Laws, Planning Authorities