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Work-Family Conflicts and Job-Family Satisfaction: Contributions of Work-Family Enrichment and Work-Life Balance

The purpose of this research paper is drawing attention to work-family conflict, work-family enrichment, worklife balance, Job and family satisfaction because the tension between work and family is a critical issue in contemporary careers (Joseph, John, Benjamin, & Cliff, 2016). This research is an effort to review the recent research synthesis in relation to work-family enrichments and work-life balance for job and family satisfaction and recommendable initiatives for Job and family Satisfaction. The study shed light on work-family conflicts, work-family enrichments, work-life balance and draw connection between work-family conflicts and work-family enrichments for work-life balance. Further to overcome the gap between negative and positive work-family interference as work-family conflicts, work-family enrichment and work-life balance. This is done through reviews of published papers from Ebscohost research data based by reviewing 40 research published papers based on inclusion and exclusion criteria. The research study concluded that work-family conflicts is negative interferences by adding work-family enrichments with mediation roles for job -family satisfaction overcome the conflicting roles for job and family satisfaction. It also highlight recommendation and future research directions. Keywords - Work-Family Conflicts, Work-Family Enrichments, Work Interference with Family, Family Interference with Work, Work-Life Balance and Job-Family Satisfaction.