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Exploring The Impacts of Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction: A Case of Platinum Cinema in Ha Noi

Platinum cinema was founded in January 2011, and with totally 4 cinemas in Ha Noi, it has become the most favorite reunion place for the young generation. This research explored how service quality affects customer satisfaction in Platinum cinemas by applying Service Quality model SERVQUAL. The findings of this study represent that service quality consisting of reliability, assurance, tangibles, empathy, responsiveness and price, did affect customer satisfaction in Platinum cinema located in Ha Noi city. Among the above factors, responsiveness possesses the strongest impact on customer satisfaction, but in contrast, the weakest factor is Reliability. However, there is no significant difference on genders and ages, but different marital status, monthly income, and also different Platinum cinema locations exhibit different customer satisfaction. Keywords - Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction, Vietnam, SERVQUAL.