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Managent of Employee and Its Effects on Official Trend

Recognizing that its employees are its most valuable resource and are entitled toquality internal communications, it is the policy of the Government of Nova Scotia tokeep government employees informed and up-to-date about government initiatives,departmental plans and progress, human resource developments, and overallgovernment progress through a comprehensive internal communications process.After studying 10 international companies andconducting an exhaustive literature review,Deloitte &Touche identified four communicationrelatedfactors that help organizations achievetheir goals.Archives and records management is based upon the records series concept and twoprimary principles, the "records life cycle" and "records appraisal." The basic unitused in all discussions of records management and all records retention and disposition schedules is the record series. A record series is a group of records or documentswhich may be filed and maintained together as a unit throughout the life cycle. Recordsin a series are related because they result from the same function, the same activity,have the same or a similar form, have similar or related contents, or because ofsome other relationship arising out of their creation, receipt, or use. Because of this,records series are filed together. Keywords: Management, Achieves, Employee, Companies.