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Knowledge Management Readiness Assessment and Planning in Game Industry

Knowledge becomes a very important aspect for the company to create values and generate competitive advantage for the company in facing global competition. As a new start-up games company, the organization need knowledge management to be able to grow more rapidly to meet the demands. Moreover, currently the company recruits many new employees so it takes a faster learning process for them to adapt toward customer demand deadlines. On the other hand, the main source of the company in carrying out its business is come from the individual knowledge so that is why the company needs good knowledge management to transfer individual knowledge into company knowledge. Before implementing knowledge management, the company needs to measure the level of readiness and planning of the company to obtain the right strategy. Through questionnaire and interview, assessing knowledge management readiness were conducted based on Asian Productivity Organization Framework (APO) related to KM Leadership, Process, People, Technology, Knowledge Process, Learning and Innovation, and KM Outcomes. This research using descriptive study to describe the characteristics of the variables of interest in a situation and consists of two types of data namely primary and secondary data. Index Terms - Asian Productivity Organization Framework, Knowledge, Knowledge Management, Knowledge Management Readiness and Planning.