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A Survey of Tourist Spending Behavior in Thailand Case Study: Sport Tourist

This paper is aim to survey the behavior of spending budget for sports tourism of foreign visitors. By personal characteristics, including education, to spend money to explore the behavior of foreign tourists, sports tourism to study the activities of sports tourism to foreign tourists visiting Thailand. The research is in the form of quantitative research. (Quantitative Research) This study will focus on the population. And a sample of foreign tourists traveling to Thailand and with the objective to explore sports oriented 400. The study found that foreign tourists have a different status and have a habit of spending money to tourism in the sport that is the purpose of sports tourism in the country sports tourism in Thailand. What to consider Type in your favorite sport or tourism, sports tourism, sports options, through any channel and also the favorite sport to sport or tourism with most anyone who influence the decisions of different kinds of sports. Keywords - Tourism management, Sport tourism, spending behavior, Tourist behavior