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Decision – Making of Tourists: A Case Study of “KohKret” Riverside in Nonthaburi Province, Thailand

The research tickles Decision – Making of tourists : A case study of “KohKret” riverside in Nonthaburi province where is tourist attractions in cultural sites that has been for a long time and tourists are still come to visited to be continually and also still get favor from people by the original environment. The research is interested to studying the factors that make tourists come to visit and valued and unique of KohKret in the destinations, Also the researcher focused on the investigate the attitude, influence and the main attractiveness of KohKret. The result of this study can be give directions to tourists and for tour business and organizations that have involved to addition the attractiveness for tourists to visit KohKret riverside, Nonthaburi province. The result showed that what tourists concern about place and what make they come to visited are Unique of destination, Activities in KohKret, Climate, Beautiful scenery and also facilities and service is very important for them and make them comfortable. Keywords - Travel influence, Travel attractiveness, Unique of KohKret.