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Potential of Food Tourism Theme Route Development: A Case Study of Yaowarat or China Town, Bangkok

Food tourism is the one type of tourism that very popular and well-known to worldwide and it’s also tourism activities for tourists or visitors who plan to taste foods in other country and to carry out activities related to gastronomy. Yaowarat is also one of food tourism in Thailand which is very popular for foreign tourists and it have reputation about street foods for a long time. Street foods is highly recommended as a must try experience when travelling in Thailand. The aim of this research is to study about potential of food resources in Yaowarat that can be developed to food tourism theme route and propose strategies to develop food tourism theme route in Yaowarat. The methodology use quantitative and qualitative method for collecting data from local people and tourists. The results show that Yaowarat have food resources potential to be develop for food tourism theme route. Keyword - Food experiences, Street foods, Food tourism, Food resources