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Impacts of Dreams on Daytime Mood – Factors and Gender Differences

Despite the fact that dreams frequently influence later waking life, the variables which may modulate this kind of steady quality are inadequately comprehended. The present research aimed to examine the gender differences in frequency distribution and association between various variables with daytime mood affected by dreams. The outcomes from this examination will help in greater understanding of psychological issues around dreams. The present questionnaire was intended to understand emotional intensity of dreams, emotional tone of dreams, attitude towards dreams, nightmares, and the impacts of dreams on waking mood. The data analysis was done in Microsoft Excel 2013 software. The findings in a sample of 200 college students demonstrated that dreams do impact on the waking mood of all individuals on some level, around 24% of the people experienced effects of dreams on daytime mood quite often, the most influential factor was nightmare frequency. In addition, nightmare distress, emotional intensity and dream recall frequency were related to increased recurrence of dream consequences for daytime state of mind. Significant gender differences were reported at almost all aspects of the study. Dreams affected daytime mood among females more than among males. Keywords- daytime mood, nightmares, gender differences.