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The Effects Imposed on a Child’s Socialization by the Migration of their Mothers

The traditional Sri Lankan woman had been one who did not go beyond the horizon of the house in the extended family structure. However, with the implementation of the open economic system back in 1977, these women were blessed with the opportunity of stepping into society and work through certain multiple job sectors. One such opportunity they acquired was going abroad to work as housemaids. With the cumulative trend of this by today, there have been much debauched influences as well as commendable results. The mother is considered as the center figure who plays a major role in the family. There are four major functional aspects can be taken in to the consideration regarding family as a social institution. Family is the most influential social institution which provides primary socialization to the children. Socialization is the process of acquiring parental accepted norms, which can beneficially help children attain a peace of mind. Since Sri Lanka is a country which highly appreciates the culture and the tradition, it has been the mother who’s responsible in facilitating this basic task of ‘socialization’. This research was conducted on the basis of the problem, “How does mothers’ migrating abroad effect on their child’s socialization?” This main purpose of this study was to elaborate above matter under a sociological view point. Both quantitative and qualitative methods used for the study. Moreover, in relation to the approach of the research, the Survey Method and the Case Study Method were used. Furthermore, the collection of data was performed through series of questionnaires and interviews, selecting a section of hundred families representing all the sixteen divisional secretariats in the Puttalam district. Data analysis was revealed according the basic research methodologies so as to be based on the conclusions. The hypothesis that “Mothers’ going abroad effects on the socialization of the children in that families” was proved in the research. The research made it evident and possible to come into conclusion that mothers migrating abroad have impacts on children in both in terms of positive and negative aspects. Keywords - Migration, Socialization, Open Economic System, House maid, Role