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The Impact of Service Quality, Satisfaction, and Behaviour of Passengers for Three Low-Cost Carriers Which Offers The Operating Services in Thailand

The low-cost airlines or the budget airlines is the operation model on simplified routes with point-to-point transit services, it adopts all strategies business such as choice of the secondary airport, the ways of selling tickets, fast turn-around times, usually it will mainly focus on the short-haul flight routes between 400-600 nautical miles, even they without catering and entertainment services on flight. Such as the strategy will cut down the price to a lower-level and they can have saved will any benefit for the passengers. Low-cost carriers had changed the traditional idea of air travel. This paper presents the impact of service quality, satisfaction, and behavior of passengers for three low-cost carriers which offers the operating services in Thailand. The survey questionnaire was designed and administered to 110 respondents were collected by the passengers who ever used that services. The survey questionnaire was designed and administered to 110 passengers who had travelled of those three low-cost airlines are operating in Thailand which surveyed proceeding 1 month with the four hypotheses as service quality and passenger’s satisfaction, satisfaction and word of mouth, satisfaction and repurchase intention, and satisfaction and feedback by using the performance component of the service quality scale is SERVPERF as an instrument. As the sampling found that the dimension’s importance of service quality tested as flight schedules, flight attendants, tangibles, and ground staff; those things can be able to explaining the passenger satisfaction. Mostly influenced to passengers are flight schedule, it will be positive in word of mouth communication and get repurchase again for the next time. The passenger did not prefer to flight changing which they will be complaint the services. The sampling cannot define the causality impacts of service quality, satisfaction, and behavior. Moreover, the satisfaction of airline industry is based on service quality. In additional, the research should have several satisfy factor. The study has not definitively established causality among the impact of service quality, satisfaction, and behavior intentions. Moreover, the satisfaction is based only on service quality. Further future research should have examined the causality and other possibility for the satisfaction factors. The managers of low-costs airline who did not traditionally placed a high priority on any quality that should be aware of the importance of service quality and passenger’s satisfaction for determining the behavioral intentions of passengers by Low Cost Carriers. Keywords - Service quality, Customer satisfaction, Behaviour, Low-cost Carriers