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Factors Affecting Teenagers’ Deviant Behaviors: A Case Study of Social Network Use

The objectives of this study were to study (1) the deviant behaviors of teenagers caused by social network use and (2) the factors affecting the deviant behaviors among teenagers resulting from social network use. The samples of this study were 346 high school students of a school in Bangkok derived from simple random sampling. The questionnaire was employed as a research tool to collect the data. The data then were analyzed using one-way ANOVA and correlation. The results showed that the respondents had a low level of deviant behaviors. The findings also indicated that the place of using the social network, family relationship, and social environment had the positive relationships with deviant behaviors. However, family types had no impact on the deviant behaviors. Suggestions and recommendations for related stakeholders are discussed in the latter part of this article. Keywords - Deviant Behavior, Social Network