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The Comparison of the Election based on the Thai Constitution of B.E. 2550 and B.E. 2560

This research is intended to study the comparison of the election according to the law as specified in the Thai Constitution B.E. 2550 and B.E. 2560. The research is considered as a qualitative research in which the data are obtained from related documents and the law as coded in the two mentioned constitutions. The results show that the number of members of the parliament, based on the Constitution B.E. 2550, is 480 persons to whom400 persons coming from single member districts and another 80 persons are coming from the proportional representation system. The senators are composed of 150 persons, 76 coming from the election and another 74 coming from the selection. Based on the Constitution B.E. 2560, it is found that there are 500 members of the parliament, the senators are 250 persons, and the prime minister can possibly be an outsider. Keywords - Election, The Constitution, Provision