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Developing Socio TAQWA Index Indicators for Kelantan State Government

The understanding of religion plays the main role in shaping a good society. As an Islamic country, Malaysia has entrusted the responsibility of every state governments to implement Islamic rules in the country. Thus, all the rules concerning religion were the responsibility of the state government in each country. As a result, the Kelantan state government is taking the opportunity given by the government to implement the Islamic administration in their country by introducing a new policy that is "developing with Islam". Thus, this study will help to identify the appropriate indicators and sub indicators of the socio taqwa index in order to measure the relationship between religion and the country in order to know in what extent this policy has been implemented in the Kelantan States Government. Thus, the appropriate indicators and sub indicators were chosen by the panel of experts from various field. In this study also, we apply the Fuzzy Delphi method in order to know the exact value of the indicators and sub indicators chosen by the experts panel. Fuzzy Delphi Method was conducted in two stages that is FDM 1 was identifying the main indicators and the FDM 2 to determine the subindicators. Keywords - Implementation, Index, Socio taqwa, Fuzzy Delphi Method