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Color and Symbol in Packaging Design Representing Flavor in Order to Support the Low Vision People in Choosing the Drink: Case Study in Green Tea Drink

Equality in society is considered to be the most talked about today. Whether, ordinary people or people with disabilities all need the equality of daily living. Some of the products sold in the market do not help in making a purchase and make a purchase decision for the visually impaired people or low vision person, who still has a need to select product on their needs. This paper presents the colors and symbols in packaging design to help the low vision person to buy drinks, for example, green tea drinks using the tools divided into three types for testing is 1. Use color 2. Use color with black symbol 3. Use color and color symbol. The results of the experiments the color is more effective to represent the flavor and support decision to buy more than black symbol and color symbol. The benefit of this research can be further developed in the design to support the needs of the low vision person. Index Terms - Low vision person, Color, Symbol, Design communication, packaging design