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Investigating the Determinants of Consumers’ Intention to Adopt Mobile Banking Services in Portugal

The paper intends to empirically examine the motivators that influence consumers’ intentions to use Mobile Banking in Portugal. The data was analyzed by employing exploratory as well as confirmatory analysis and a Structural Equation Model was extracted from 172 Portuguese respondents. The findings indicate that Portuguese consumers still prefer Online Banking rather than Mobile Banking. The Structural Equation model indicates that ‘Perceived ease of use’ and ‘Perceived Usefullness’ were the primary determinants of the Intention to use Mobile Banking. it is also found that ‘Lack of information’ and ‘Use Barriers’ are antecedents of Perceived Risk, which influence negatively the Intention to use Mobile Banking. Index Terms - Mobile Banking in Portugal, Mobile Banking determinants, Perceived Risk, Perceived Usefulness, Perceived Ease of Use, Use Barriers, Lack of Information