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Analysis of the Economic Performance of the Tourism Sector in the Arab Spring Countries

The aim of this study is to examine and analyze the economic impact of the series of mass political movements that have rocked the Arab World since the late 2010 (Arab Spring). We focus on Arab countries in North African (Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco) and (Bahrain, Lebanon Jordan, Syria, and Yemen) in Arab West Asia. All the Arab Spring countries have been affected, but the magnitude varied from country to country. Immediate consequences of the unrest was a huge drop in the number of tourists in the main tourist destinations in the region. Particularly Egypt and Tunisia, with nearly 40% in 2011. Other tourism indicators such as the contribution to GDP, FDI inflows, expenditure and employment show also a decline in 2011, followed by some improvement in 2012, but the indicators remained below the pre-revolutionary growth levels. Another important consequence was the rise in intra-regional Arab tourism, Particularly to Dubai, and Qatar. Turkey and Malaysia have attracted a large number of Arab tourists Index Terms - Tourism, Arab Spring Countries, Economy