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Organisational Climate and Employees’ Effectiveness in Lagos State Education Districts

This study aims to examine the relationship between organizational climate and employees’ effectiveness. To achieve the aims of the study, two research questions and one hypothesis were formulated. The study focused on employees in Lagos state education districts. A normative survey research design was adopted and the stratified random sampling technique was used to select a sample of 586 employees for the study. Two sets of research instruments namely, the Organizational Climate Questionnaire (OCQ) and Employee Effectiveness Questionnaire (EEQ) were used for data collection. The research questions were answered using descriptive statistics of mean and standard deviation while the hypothesis was analyzed using Pearson Product Moment correlation statistics at 0.05 level of significance. Overall it was found that there is a significant relationship between organizational climate and employee effectiveness in the education districts. The study concluded that employees’ perception of organizational climate has effect on their effectiveness at work. Based on this it was recommended amongst others that creating positive organizational climate especially at the education districts should be responsibility of the management and staff intimacy as well as task achievement should be instituted in the education districts. Key words - Organisational climate, employee effectiveness, education district