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Applying McKinsey 7-S Model in Community-Based Tourism Development

The McKinsey 7-S Model (7-S) has been used as an approach to strengthen organizational effectiveness particularly in business enterprises to ensure their profitability and sustainability. It thus has been popular in business schools as a framework to investigate internal environment of business organizations to create a platform of competitive advantage. Meanwhile, the tourism industry is one of the sectors in the world economy. However, there is little application of 7-S in the tourism sector, let alone the Community-Based Tourism (CBT) development which is small scale in the tourism contexts. This paper aims to deliver guidance of how to practically apply 7-S in CBT development through a case study of Ban Leam Sawan in the northeast of Thailand. Participatory Action Research (PAR) was adopted with the main objective being to gain an integrative participatory CBT development. In so doing, not only does economic and social development at the grass root level can be achieved but also tourism and business education can be advocated. Keywords - Community-Based Tourism, 7-S McKinsey Model, Thailand