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A Study on the Effect of Corporate Social Responsibility Practices in AVVNL

Purpose: The significance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has considerably emerged in the last decade and has become an integral component of businesses across the globe. It is fundamentally a concept where companies voluntarily contribute towards welfare of the society and the environment. This paper attempts to explore the CSR practices followed by the Electricity Distribution Companies of Rajasthan. Research Methodology: For the purpose of research, Ajmer VidyutVitran Company of Rajasthan (AVVNL), has been selected from the electricity distribution companies of Rajasthan and primary data has been collected through questionnaire based on Likert Scale, filled by the consumers of AVVNL. The statistical tool Multi Discriminant Analysis has been used for the analysis of the data. Findings: The findings of the study reveals about the CSR practices being followed by the selected electricity distribution company of Rajasthan. Though the companies have been doing well in relation to the CSR practices, however, there is still much scope left for better initiatives that could be taken by these companies. Keywords - Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Sustainable Development, Electricity Distribution Companies, Environmental and Social Issues.