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Round Pegs for Round Holes: Managing Career Aspirations of Management Students

The prime objective of students perusing professional courses is to get a suitable job. To achieve this, it is very important to help the students form realistic job expectations. Too high expectations would mean they remain dissatisfied with the options that are presented to them, or actually match their capability. Too low expectations would prevent them from pushing themselves to work harder to get a job which they could excel at. Often students blindly follow the ongoing career ‘trends’, little realizing they may not really be suited for the job. Unrealistic expectations from the jobs also ensure that the students become disgruntled employees even before they join the organization, leading to high levels of employee attrition. This paper looks at some of the ways that can be adopted by all the stake holders – the institutions, the employers, the guardians and the student themselves, to enable to make informed decisions when the time comes for them to choose a career. Keywords - Career Expectations, Professional Students, Work Based Learning, Internships