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Entrepreneurial Traits and Image Branding - An Overview

Nowadays business looks it appearance in very different manner. This is happened to the changes in the mode of operation, levels of technology used, scale of operation and the determination of profit earning capacity. Young mind have an ambition to startups new endeavors with promoting high quality of product and services to the market. But they have a dilemma as how to startup the new firm and how to exist it for a long. Answers for this are based on the generation of business ideas. Several businesses outsource and technical consultancy agencies are works to help them to make and creating ideas and execution of the same. Theories show that there are many kinds of business units like services, production, manufacturing etc. The choice of the same is decide by the entrepreneur. For this he has to hold several inborn or practical skills rapidly. The success of an enterprise based on the sound strategies and market observation done by the entrepreneurs. This paper takes a looks regarding how the branding of a business helps to achieve maximum from the investment. As well, how the charismatic qualities and traits of an entrepreneur would be create the brand image in the respective field of competitive market. Keywords - Enterprise, Entrepreneurship, Traits, Competitive Advantages, Charismatic Leaders etc