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The Role of Blended Learning on Students' Achievement and Self Satisfaction

The technology revolution has altered the way people learn drastically. Learning has not been restricted to the teacher, but other electronic sources and enrichment activities contributed to support the development of learning process known as "blended learning". The purpose of this research is to understand the meaning of blended learning and what makes blended learning more effective compared to traditional teaching. Moreover, this research sheds light on the importance of students' self-satisfaction with mixing the methodologies of a traditional classroom with online learning. The research tries to answer these questions: - What is being blended in blended learning? - What is it that makes blended learning more effective than other types of learning? - How does blended learning affect student's self-efficacy? In order to answer these questions, some scholarly studies are compared and analyzed to determine the types of blended learning and their effect on achievement and self-efficacy. Finally, the researchers suggest conducting further studies testing the effect of blended learning on academic achievement using courses other than English and math. More importantly, I encourage testing the content and self-satisfaction of students and teachers utilizing blended learning. Keywords - Blended Learning, Academic Achievement, Self-Satisfaction, Online Learning.