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The Pattern of Improved Polymer Through Plasma Process

The highly conductive polymer, named poly(3,4-ethlyenedioxythiophene):poly(styrenesolfonate) (PEDOT:PSS), is investigated by using oxygen plasma (O2-plasma) to pattern a successful thin film. However, the characteristics of PEDOT:PSS thin film are improved through heating-stirred method (HS-M) and formic acid treatment (FA-T). The sheet resistance (Rs), surface roughness (Rq) and transmittance of PEDOT:PSS show the superb result of 43 Ω/square, 2 nm and 80 %, respectively. And the effective pattern of PEDOT:PSS has excellent electrical performance via O2-plasma process to become the useful electrode. Keywords - O2-plasma, PEDOT:PSS, Pattern, Heating-Stirred Method, Formic Acid Treatment.