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Integration of MEMS Devices in Un-manned Explorations

This paper discusses the recent developments in the field of wearable MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) sensors and systems that are relevant to the field of autonomous explorations and defence. The primary idea of this paper is focused on the application of wearable MEMS technology to monitor enemy camps and access areas that are inaccessible to human beings and are dangerous for humans to enter. This paper discusses the emphasis of various applications of wearable MEMS technology currently undergoing research. A short introduction to main enabling technologies that are key (i.e. MEMS sensors technology, MEMS communication technology, and simple data analysis techniques) that have allowed humanoids to implement wearable systems is followed by a description of major areas of application of wearable MEMS technology. Applications described in this review paper include those that focus on autonomous on field defence, deep space explorations, accessing radiation leakage sites. The integration of wearable MEMS and ambient sensors is discussed in the context of achieving remote monitoring of humanoids subjects which are employed on field.