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The Stages of The Development of Islamic Financial Analysis

Financial services are one of the most important economic activities in light of financial globalization. This is due to its diversity and multiplicity. Islamic financial analysis has been one of the most important financial services. In recent decades, the Islamic economic system has witnessed a remarkable development in Islamic financial analysis. This analysis is used as a guide for investors to develop their strategies and investment objectives in addition to choosing companies to invest in their shares and knowing the things that undermine their legitimacy, which allows the heads of companies to benefit from the results of analysis and create opportunities for companies and institutions. The results of the analysis are characterized by accuracy, credibility and transparency, which qualify to take the right judgment of the company free of usury or determine the proportion of usury, if any, depending on the selection of trained persons. The aim of this research is to follow the path of the legal stages of the development of financial analysis from setting goals and objectives of companies to the establishment of legal standards and ending with finding a methodology for financial analysis. Index terms - Islamic, Financial, Analysis, Binary to excess one converter, Multiplexer.