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The Effectiveness of Policies/Guidelines Implementation for Community Education Programs in Tanzania

Policies and guidelines are vital tools for implementation of various programs including Community Education Programs (CEPs). The study investigated the effectiveness of policies/guidelines implementation for CEPs in Tanzania. A semi-structured interview was used to collect information from 41 experts from Government departments, NGOs, and CBOs. Policies and guidelines were reviewed to assess its authenticity in the implementation of CEPs. Qualitative data were subjected to content analysis. The study findings reveal that some providers of CEPs had policies and guidelines, but others had none. It was also divulged that available policies and guidelines were well stipulated, but the escalating problem was its implementation. Further, it was disclosed that most of the policies and guidelines were centralized, with the poor involvement of stakeholders in its formulation. Thus, the study recommends having pragmatic strategies in place and political will to ensure efficiency and effective implementation of CEPs for endowed sustainable community development. Keywords - Policy; Guideline; Community Education.