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Support for Talent Promotion of Women Micro Entrepreneurs: An Exploratory Study

Women micro entrepreneurs (MEs) play a vital role in every economy. Most of the women MEs encounter challenges in the survival of enterprise despite numerous development progrmmes available for promoting them. Thus, the puzzle needs attention is whether such programmes are not sufficient enough for promoting talents of women MEs. Accordingly, present study addresses the question: to what extent the existing support programme shave facilitated in talent promotion of women MEs. This is a qualitative enquiry focusing on the context of a developed economy where development programmes are readily available. The study finds that women MEs take attempts by themselves for talent promotion, however, the existing support systems are serving at lower levels of entrepreneurial needs. The study emphasizes the need of diversifying support systems for catering to diverse needs of the women MEs. Keywords - Developed economy context, micro enterprises, sustainability, talent promotion, women entrepreneurs.