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The Empirical Study of Teacher’s Skills and Environment on Student Satisfaction: The Case of Private University in Mongolia

The aim of this study seeks to examine the correlations between teachers’ skills and environment for student satisfaction. We try and understand the factors which influence student satisfaction in higher education, as well as the consequences of it. Graduate students will often choose their university or specific academic department based on its reputation, and universities and even the same school’s academic departments will often compete in attracting the best students. We collected and analyzed data from descriptive research can help understand factors on graduate student satisfaction. The data were collected from 49 participants who study in the second courses for private university in Mongolia. This study discussed the effects of above mentioned results, the implications for theory and practice along with the limitations of the research and the implications for further research. Our study is significant in considering both theoretical and practical issues and for practices in Mongolian private higher education sector. Data were estimated by SPSS 21 and Smart PLS 3.0 statistic programs. Keywords - Student Satisfaction; Teachers’ Skills, Environment