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Quality Mapping for the Competitive Advantages Enhancement of Indonesian Knitting Industry

The Indonesian small industry is still lacking in improving quality in various aspects, including raw materials, technology and processes, and output. Therefore, as the ASEAN Economic Community progresses, if quality issues are not addressed seriously, it will cripple the foundations of the business quickly. This research seeks to strengthen the competitiveness by taking into account the quality of the Input-Process-Output. This research is done as descriptive analytic; with a quantitative approach supported by the qualitative approach as well. The research unit of analysis is the Binong Jati knitting industry center in Bandung city, with the number of sample size is 75 from 290 business units as a population, with an error tolerance of 10%. From the results of the study, there are three categories of the importance level of quality management, namely high, moderate, and low category. Furthermore, there are 14 elements of quality that can be mapped, i.e. four elements in the input group, five elements in the process group and five elements in the output group. As further research suggestion, to explore more of each existing quality elements and set the values or quality limits for each of the resulting elements, so it is expected to be easier in the implementation of quality management in the company. Keywords - Input-Process-Output, Quality element, Quality management.