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The Perceptions of Students, Teachers and Parents toward Students’ Homework

The issue of students’ homework being a vital aspect of students’ development is an unending and disputable discussion among Thai educators. Some educators claimed that homework has little educational worth, however, some pointed that homework is a vital and valuable part of education. In this article, the authors focused on the perceptions of students, teachers, and parents toward homework and compare the perceptions of students based on their levels of education. There were 245 participants consisting of 205 students, 20 teachers and 20 parents of primary students at Demonstration School, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University. The instrument applied for data collection was the questionnaire. The data obtained were analyzed by the applications of percentage, mean, and standard deviation. The study findings respond to the two research objectives. First, the students’ perceptions toward homework were in the average level while the teachers and parents’ perceptions toward homework were in the high level. The highest average was “homework supports students’ critical thinking and creative thinking” which was grade 1-3 students’ opinions while grade 4-6 students, teachers, and parents agreed that “homework provides students an opportunity to practice and review their lessons.” Furthermore, most students suggest that they did not need homework anymore because lots of homework leads to overload of work for them. On the other hand, most teachers and parents still needed students to have homework because students will be able to review their lessons and practice their skills toward homework. Second, grade 1-3 students and grade 4-6 students had the same perception toward homework. Keywords - Perception, Students Teachers and Parents, Homework