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The Legal Value of the Principle of Precaution and the Conditions for its Implementation in the Protection of the Environment

This study discussed the precautionary principle that protects the environment as one of the modern principles that has been closely related to the right of the environment. This principle protects the environment and other rights, such as the right to public health and to protect food security. The contents of this principle indicates that the state should take the necessary measures to protect the environment from all significant risks and measures that may cause serious damage due to the absence of scientific certainty that proves the link between the activities practiced by the people and the potential damage in the future. In general, this principle has attained legal value in comparative laws. In addition, the application of this principle requires the availability of a set of conditions related to the risk, management of this risk and taking the appropriate decision to face this threat. Keywords - Legal value, Principle of precaution, Environment protection, Iraq.