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Role of Education and Culture in Countering Child Marriages in Malawi

The population of the world increases every year. The young generation has a big amount in this increment. Among the young generation teenage girls encounter different cultural attitudes in the environment they belong to. One of them is getting married before their 18th birthday. Nearly at the age of childhood they get married or are forced to marry according to their traditions. UNICEF claims that quarter of the total child marriages are seen in Africa. However the growing child population shows that the global profile of child marriage will be changed and half of the child brides will be in Africa by the 2050. Glancing at current trends, it is clear that millions of girls are at risk in the coming several decades. African child brides are generally found in rural areas where the cultural attitudes are strong with lack of access to education, less or none economic opportunity and weak legal mechanisms. Therefore it is needed to observe, understand and examine the inter-linkages among the national and international bodies in terms of social, economic, and cultural sustainability and the challenges for implementation. Keywords - Education, Culture, Child, Child Marriages.