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Innovative Leadership: Developing School Principals for Thailand 4.0

“Stability, Prosperity, and Sustainability” is the vision of Thai nation development based on the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy. The process upon Thailand 4.0 policy is an economic model that aims to unlock the country from several economic challenges resulting from past economic development models. To correspond to the transition to a “4.0” digital economy and to achieve the nation vision, Thailand needs dedicated and competent educational personnel who can drive the crucial factors for developing the country. The significant mechanism is education which is the powerful instrument to step out of the trap of middle-income countries and develop the quality of human resources in the competitive world. Education in Thailand 4.0 policy must be accelerated through the reform of children learning. Unavoidably, the innovative leadership of school principals, with a new kind of ideas and ways to create new things along with new ways that are beneficial for schools are all the vital issues that need to be addressed. Keywords - Innovative Leadership, School Principals, Thailand 4.0