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Formulation of Acceptability Index of YouTube Videos on Islam: Indicators from the Science of Hadith Classifications

This paper is an exploration into the possibility of outlining a verification procedure and construction of an Index of Acceptability of Islamic contents made available via the Internet especially YouTube videos. Inference are made from guidelines on source reliability presented by university libraries and the Islamic traditional science of classification of the Prophetic sayings and traditions (Hadith). A rudimentary formula (IA = QlS + QlR + QNR + QlT) is proposed to start this exploration. It is projected that robust and usable material acceptability indexing procedure can be evolved through time. Given the overwhelming quantity of materials easily downloadable from the Internet, the question of quality must also be addressed. The perceived possibility of negatively interpreted religious sources towards inciting conflict must be mitigated by efficient methods of sorting and gate keeping inflamatory materials. Of all the variables for inclusion into the indexing formula, the source’s authority must top the list. Index Terms - reliability index, source credibility, verification