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Analyzing Characteristics of Eco-Industrial Development (EID) Project in Korea Comparing to Eco-Industrial Development (EID) Strategies in North America and Eco-Town in Japan

The present study aims to analyze the characteristics of Korea’s eco-industrial development projects by comparing them to EID strategies in North America and the Japanese Eco Town project. To do this, the study uses a variety of literature to analyze EID’s definition, main tasks, execution structure, and relationship with regional society, and it analyzes the major characteristics of Korea’s EID projects. The characteristics found through this analysis are compared to the EID strategy characteristics of North America and Japan. The analysis results show that there are limitations in terms of cooperation with regional communities when EID strategy is applied to Korea’s eco-industrial park projects. As such, this study presents approaches on how to spread Korean eco-industrial park promotion projects via eco-industrial development strategies in order to advance sustainable regional development policies. Keywords - Eco-Industrial Park, Eco-Industrial Development, Industrial ecology. Resource circumstance, Industrial symbiosis