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Determinants of Employment Creation of The World Tourism Industry and Indonesian Strategy in Improving its Performance

Tourism industry plays an important role in the economic development of the country, because through the development of tourism industry, can be expected to create employment and in turn will increase the income of society as a whole. Based on the regression results, it shows linear equation: Y = 2,28 – 5,40 X1 + 0,79 X2 + 0,28 X3 where Y is the amount of travel and tourism industry employment, X1 is the score of each countries in travel and tourism, X2 is the amount of international tourist arrivals and X3 is the amount of international tourism inbound receipts. The government of Indonesia has a high target for the visit of foreign tourists but Indonesia still lacks of infrastructure and limited communication, technology and information. Ministry of Tourism, Republic of Indonesia has implemented three priority programs: digital tourism, homestay and infrastructure (air connectivity) in 2017. As Indonesia focuses on succeeding 3 priority programs, then the leverage effect to increase the rank of Travel Tourism Comvetitiveness Index will be very high. After jumping sharply from the 70th rank in 2013 to rank 50th in 2015, the Indonesian competitiveness index raced darting up 8 ranks to rank 42 in 2017. Keywords- score of travel and tourism, tourist arrival, tourism inbound receipts.