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Job Satisfaction on Effective Performance of Employees in Private Universities

The aim of this study is to analyze the requirements for effective performance of employees in private universities in Mongolia. This paper proposed the use of organizational OCTAPACE /Openness, Confrontation, Trust, Authenticity, Pro-active, Autonomy, Collaboration; Experimentation/ culture evaluate job satisfaction and commitment of employees. This research topic has been studied and is well-known in worldwide. In terms of Mongolian context the topic of study has been developed at a low level. This study proposed that an employee’ job satisfaction and commitment influence the effective performance of the overall educational institution. Data analysis results indicated that OCTAPACE culture influences job satisfaction and commitment. Also, on the collected data, job satisfaction and organizational commitment significantly influence job performance. Mongolia have 17 public and 94 private universities (Mongolian ministry of education, culture and science website). In terms of participants in this study, a theoretical and empirical survey conducted in 143 employees of private universities. Data was estimated by SPSS 21 and Smart PLS 2.0 statistic programs. Keywords - OCTAPACE, job satisfaction, organizational commitment.