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Applicability of IRIC (Nays2DFlood) for the Prediction of Flash Flood Inundation Area of Balkhab River

Flood hazard is a destructive environmental phenomenon. The livelihoods of many people from undeveloped countries are in areas surrounding flood plains, which suffer greatly when flood disasters occur. As a result, there is a seriously need to predict the flood inundation and morphological change of a river to mitigate the devastating effects of flooding. Numerical modeling techniques play a vital role in such studies due to their use of both hydrologic and geographic parameters to allow the assessment of risk to life and property in the floodplain, and prioritization of the maintenance of existing flood defences and construction of new protection projects. In this study Nays2DFlood has been applied for simulating flood inundation around the Balkhab River, an important river for drinking water and the agricultural sector in northern Afghanistan. The simulated results for the Balkhab River show considerable agreement with the observed flooding area. In this study, Nays2DFlood solver using globally available topographic data is determined to be a useful tool for identifying and delineating the flood vulnerable area as a fundamental step in the development of spatially accurate hazard maps. Keywords - Nays 2D Flood, topography data, flood inundation, flood plain, river flooding, Afghanistan.