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Walkability Assessment in Burapha University, Sakaew Campus

A pilot walk ability survey in Sakaew, Thailand as a first step towards helping campus planners perceive discipline and spread of prevail pedestrian conditions and to pinpoint specific pedestrian-related shortcomings. The method taken for the survey from The Global Walk ability Index (GWI) and Asian Development Bank/ Clean Air for Asian Cities (CAI-Asia) and improved slightly to suit the local situation in Burapha University, Sakaew Campus. In this paper, found that more than seventy percentage of people are satisfied with the existing pedestrian facilities in the campus and those who are not happy feel the need of improvements in street lighting with clean and safe from poisonous animals with wider foot paths by removal of obstacles along the walking paths and more crossing points. In addition to, create a beautiful landscape and green university such as the planting of ornamental flowers along the sidewalk between the surrounding landscapes. Furthermore, this paper provides information on the current infrastructure monitoring program to improve walk ability for elderly citizens and people with disabilities. Also, this paper investigates that pedestrian environments were affecting manual wheelchair users, while disabled equipment and tools showed significant lowest score of walk ability service level. Keywords - Sidewalk, Pavement, Walk ability Index, Environments, Green University