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Assessing Banks’ Financial Performance Prior and Post Mergers and Acquisitions – Evidence From Egypt

This study aims to measure the effects of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) on the banking sector’s financial performance in Egypt from the acquirers’ point of view, analyzing the banks’ data for a 3 years period prior and post. As per prior studies the most common variables listed have been identified and analyzed by univariant analysis and t-test paired sample. The results revealed that the M&A’s decision has a positive impact on Banks’ profitability as an absolute number, profit share, and return on equity. It also depicted an inconsistent effect on Assets turnover, which was negative on some banks and positive on others. Overall, consolidation and acquisition have shown a positive influence on banks’ financial performance and profitability. This paper’s outcomes highlight the importance of M&A decisions as a means of financial restructuring, in addressing the market’s rapid growth in financial operations in line with the financial inclusion concept, and for investors as well as money market traders. Index Terms - Factor Analysis, Financial Performance, Investor Analysis, Mergers & Acquisitions