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Strategy Design on Image Motion Vector Estimation

The motion vectors estimation algorithm is very widely used in many image process applications, such as the image stabilization and object tracking algorithms. The conventional searching algorithm, based on the block matching manipulation, is used to estimate the motion vectors in conventional image processing algorithms. During the block matching manipulation, the violent motion will result in the greater amount of computation. However, too large amount of calculation will reduce the effectiveness of motion vectors estimation algorithm. This paper presents a novel searching method to estimate the motion vectors for high-resolution image sequence. The searching strategy of this algorithm includes three steps: the lager area searching, the adaptive directional searching, and the small area searching. The achievement of this paper is to develop a motion vectors searching strategy to improve the computation efficiency. Compared with the conventional motion vectors searching algorithms, the novel motion vectors searching algorithm can reduce the motion matching manipulation effectively by 50%. Index Terms - Motion Estimation, Block Matching;, Image Stabilization.