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Power Networks Project Selection Considering The Management Methodology Tailoring

The selection of projects has raised a substantial attention within the last decades, in particular. The issue has been taken into consideration from different perspectives, ranging from the influential criteria determination to the best alternatives selection. The aim of projects selection with organized frameworks is to provide improvements in the organization’s capabilities. Likewise, there is a special sensitivity with the projects selection and management in the power networks section, because of the need to heavy investments, safety, welfare, development, and so on. On the other hand, it is of crucial importance to apply the most suitable project management methodologies for such big and intricate projects. However, there is a serious concern for efficient application of the management methodologies and that is associated with how they are customized, i.e., tailored. Therefore, this paper is developed to consider power networks selection with respect to the components which should be tailored. To this aim, DEMATEL is applied to specify the most important criteria and AHP is used to determine the best alternatives, afterwards. The applicability of the proposed process is shown by a case study and the results are finally reflected. Keywords- Project selection, Power network; Tailoring; Multi-criteria decision-making methods.