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The Social Status of Social Pedagogy As A Professional Group

This article discusses the Ā»illusiveĀ« definition of social pedagogy by using structural functionalism. We expose the lack of precisely defined theory and practice of social pedagogy, how they affect the social status of this profession or professional group. With the help of criteria for determening social status we discuss the position of the social pedagogical professional group within the social system. We discuss the level of development of basic theories and techniques and we find that they do not make up a consistent whole. When looking at the question of monopoly in a professional area we point out that social pedagogy is in a disadvantaged position compared to other related/similar professions and this also influences the recognisability of a social pedagogue in the professional and nonprofessional field. The area of work of a social pedagogue is often covered also by other related professions. Moreover, the very general legal and administrative regulations do not help towards a better public image. When we consider the factor of organization we find that the social pedagogic professional group matches all the criteria that define it as a professional group and because of that we see an oportunity for development and establishment of a more clearly defined social pedagogical doctrine, profession, professional group. We also do not answer the question of whether or not a solid doctrine which results in a higher status of the social pedagogical professional group is in fact something the group wants to achieve. Index Terms- structural functionalism, professional group, social status, social pedagogy