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The Impact of Social Media on the Work Performance of Women Engaged in Associations at the Kingdom of Bahrain

This exploratory and descriptive study shed lights on a very important sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain that is (women associations) as Bahraini women in general receive good attention in the local, regional and even international literature. Investigating how (social media) impacted the work performance of the members of the Bahraini women’s associations, The trends, the activities, the attitude, the awareness and use, type of work the social Media is more reflective and affective. The study employs the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT); model, to examine women’s use of social media and to investigate their familiarity with the tools, their level of participation in communication technologies, their behaviors concerning new media communication outlets, and their tendencies and willingness to adopt the more advanced features provided in these tools. Questions presented as statements to which participants indicated their agreement in online survey on a 5-point Likert scale. Findings indicate that most respondents of these societies with specified public relations and board members are more likely to continue adopting Social media in handling more complicated work tasks. Others consider social media as beneficial, whereas some exhibit more confidence in actively utilizing social media. Positive correlations between UTAUT factors and credibility indicated a greater likelihood to increase the utilization and employment of social media to accomplish job duties.