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Study of Heavy Metal Impurities in Facial Cosmetic Products Available in Local Market of Indonesia

The presence of heavy metals impurities in facial cosmetics has becomes current issue in developing countries. Concern is mainly due to potential long-term toxic effects of heavy metals in cosmetics products to humans. In this study, the levels of toxic metal cadmium (Cd) in different facial cosmetic products sold at in local shop in Surakarta, Indonesia were assessed. The cosmetic items included lipstick, eye shadow, face powder, face whitening cream and face moisturizer cream of various prices. The cosmetics were acid digested and analyzed for heavy metal cadmium in triplicate using a flame atomic absorption spectrophotometer. The method was validated for linearity and range, precision, accuracy, limit of detection (LOD) and limit of quantification (LOQ). The results of this study showed that metals impurities Cd was detected in all cosmetics samples at level of the concentrations of mg kg−1. The detectable Cd level however was found below the acceptable limit. Furthermore test showed no statistical significant difference in concentrations of Cd between the expensive and cheap cosmetic products. The results indicate that the concentrations of toxic metal Cd in these facial cosmetic pose no considerable risk to the users. However, chronic exposure of the metal might possible from the continued use of the products. Keywords- Cadmium, Facial Cosmetics Products, Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer