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The Analysis of Film Editing Techniques in Thai Best Editing Feature Film “Bad Genius”

The objective of this research was to analyse the film editing techniques that used in Thai best editing feature film called “Bad Genius” (2017).This research is a qualitative research that studies about the theory, principle and concept of film editing and used it to analyse the latest film that won the best film editing from Thailand’s “Suphannahong National Film Awards”. This research contains the study from the documents , the film and analysing film editing techniques that were used in Bad Genius. The result indicates that in Bad Genius , film editing technique is a concept-based edition. The film editing techniques were not only used to link the every elements of the story together but also create emotion and understanding of the story. For example, match cut was used to link the subject together. Parallel editing , cross cutting , montage and fast pacing were used to create the tension and excitement for the audience that conform with the genre of this film ,Thriller. Ultimately, the goal of the film editing techniques that were used in this film is to create empathy , affinity and emotional engagement from the audience to this film. Index Terms - Film Editing Techniques, Best Film Editing, Bad Genius