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Reed Fibres Dyed Technique for Creative Bag

This article is a part of an academic service of Rajamangala University of Technology Isan under the topic of “Design and Development of Souvenirs in Nakhon Ratchasima Province” the research is conducted for the community. The objectives are to study the design and develop the product from reed mats in the respective community. The samples of this study consisted of 30 people from Maebaan Maipatta group (Housewives group) Chumpuang District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province. In the procedures of designing and developing products were followed by 7 steps which are: 1) Fundamental information study and venue of the study, 2) Study venue entry, 3) Setting sampling frame, 4) Design and develop the prototype, and 5) Present the analysis result. The finding of the dying technique for reed mats was that the dying of reed mats by braiding in 3-5 rows before the dying process consequently make the fibber in reed mats absorb the color in the different level. The style and texture of the reed mats were resulted almost look like marble style. The color tones were able to be adjusted in two ways. First one was the identical color and the second one was the contrasting color. The products were constructed with outstanding color and suitable for further development. The study on the design and development of bags from reed mats showed that: 1) The selection of small reed fiber, the product will be lightweight and easy to use. 2) reed mats and fiber composite can be unlimited of doing 3) creative design of reed mats requires a strong-structured mats structure and roll in the horizontal only in order to keep the bag in beautiful shape both when used and the bag setting after use. According to the designing, it can be concluded that there are 6 shapes of bags that correspond to the reed mats, namely, Pencil case, Cosmetic bag, Shoulder bag, Handbag, Body-cross bag, and Document bag. Index Terms - Reed, Mat, Bag, Design.